Poker Supplies – What Exactly Do You Need to Become Rich

People are buying poker chip sets, poker table tops, and are even paying poker news for a dealer to deal at their game. There is no need to buy so many poker supplies. All you need now is a high speed internet connection, a computer, and a chair. That’s right playing poker online as opposed to at a casino is the new thing this decade. There is no more paying for airfare, hotel, car rental, food, etc… you can play right from the comfort of your own home and win big. People don’t understand that you no longer have to tip or leave your own home. Poker online is much better than the real thing. Not only that, you can mult-table cash games or Sit-N-Go’s and in person, you will only be able to play at one table at a time. Multi-tabling is one of the best advantages over playing at a casino because when you multi-table Sit-N-Go’s you have a chance to make some serious cash and ROI.

Online Poker reviews are huge also. You can find many great online poker sites that will offer you a 100% deposit bonus such as Fulltilt poker or Poker Stars. Once you deposit money, BOOM you have an extra 100% of whatever you deposit to work with. There are many weak poker players at the poker tables online waiting for you to take advantage of them. If you learn poker well, there should be no problem making a stable income off of these players. Learning your poker odds and studying your opponents play will greatly increase your chances of winning texas holdem online. If you’re not to familiar with texas holdem online, there are many sites that will let you play with play poker chips until your ready for real money. I suggest you do not take play money poker players serious because they play like TRUE maniacs, pushing all in pre-flop or making horrible calls with minimal poker hands. They do not take the game serious, and the only way you will find serious play is to play at the real money poker tables.

Many poker articles you will read throughout the years will tell you what I just said in 2 sentences. I suggest you deposit real money into Bodog, Full Tilt Poker, or Pokerstars as they all offer great bonuses and have extremely nice interfaces that support multi-tabling. Take your 100% deposit bonus to the table and come out firing. When you start playing Sit-N-Go online poker tournaments you need to play tight in the beginning until it’s down to 6 players and start playing aggressive to build your chip stack to take down first place. Watch out for poker sets in online poker tournaments because almost all players will slow play their poker sets and try to squeeze as many chips out of you as possible. Read the poker news and message boards and study the game, the next time they try this on you they will be unsuccessful. It’s all about online poker these days, do not waste your time in a casino.


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