A Flash of Hitler – Brothers in Arms – Hell’s Highway

I wasn’t sure what to think of this title before I got it. It has received a pretty lukewarm reception but has a fairly good pedigree. Based on a number of WWII battles Hell’s Highway is very different from the other World War Games most notably the Call of Duty Series (Call Of Duty: World At War – Reveiwed by Lost Planet). For one thing Brother’s in Arms looks more animated than the Call of Duty Games, it isn’t as ‘Modern Feeling’ either. There is a datedness to Hell’s Highway which may turn off a few gamers, especially young ones who are only interested in cutting edge everything. I actually found Hell’s Highway to be rather fanciful at times with its animations and perspective.http://kostenkodaria.com/

In the game you play Staff Sergeant Matthew Baker, as the game proceeds. Sergeant Baker is someone the other men look up to but who is sensitive to the men he has lost under his command. Eventually you as Baker start to see things, hallucinations and you are called to question because of these troubles. I found the emotional perspective of the game to be a bit distant from what I was experiencing. I didn’t play the first game and some of Hell’s Highway referenced that earlier Brother’s in Arms game.

The game consists of WWII battles with infantry the major part of these conflicts. You are in command and often you are able to control the movements of your various teams… these battles involve killing the Germans who are stationed at various important targets throughout the game. You must have good cover at all times in Hell’s Highway. Your person is easily killed in Hell’s Highway… just a few bullets and your history! I found that troubling quite often as I was killed and had to start all over again and again, even when I was just about to kill the last German in the scene. You have to start all the way back at the beginning of the mission. I would say to the makers on Hell’s Highway… if there is another one that the save points be updated somewhat throughout the game. It’s daunting and frustrating to have to return over and over again to well tread territory. Even on Casual setting not getting Baker killed is a major pain. Also, one of your men is always yelling “Baker, your being shot at!” and “I won’t be playing poker with you!”

With the command structure of the game I must say that when I am maneuvering my army buddies here and there it almost gets to be too much of a bother. I tried any number of combos, and often my army boys just shot indiscriminately at the targets. The AI is not scintillating in this area… my ‘team’ just keeps shooting and occasionally questions where I put them! “I’m out in the Open, Baker!” One of them would always scream. I’d like to break that man’s arm! Get out of the open, idiot! Is what you’ll want to scream. Finally I just had one squad of 3 follow me until I myself shot most of the Germans, in fact I seemed to be the only one doing much damage! This way after those 3 were dead, and here the game was rather easy about killing off my men, I’d call to the next 3 and so on. The one exception was the valuable Bazooka Team which actually was very handy indeed. One Bazooka hit would take out a Tank and fortifications all over the map. The only problem is that the Bazooka Team isn’t with you later in the game when things get really tough! And also when your man carrying the actual Bazooka is killed in the game, the Bazooka is gone… the other two on the Bazooka team only have guns!

The guns in the game are fair, I’d say. The power packed is not as realistic as I’d like actually. I found later in the game that the Rifle was pretty accurate and the repeater fairly good. Still the guns need some oohmph to them assuredly. Indeed I felt that there should be more grenades and some land mines and Molotov’s would be a good touch ala Call of Duty.

Well , Brothers in Arms : Hell’s Highway isn’t near as intense as Call of Duty, still it’s a fairly good game. I do enjoy the WWII perspectives to be sure, these are ‘good old boys’ that done good, I’d say and it’s pretty hot to go back and win one for the ‘Gipper’, right? So at any rate the look of Hell’s Highway was pretty neat, hopefully if they issue a new one, something that was strongly hinted at the end of the game, then the next Brother’s at Arms will be a sure winner. An update on the Engine, better AI and some kick ass WWII weapons and VGI Visuals will go a long way in making the next title Rockin!


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