Does Run Your Car on Water Work? – Common Question Answered

Does run your car on water work is a question that I usually have to answer positively on a daily basis. There are people from every conceivable country struggling to keep within their fixed budgets and are therefore looking for ways to battle escalating fuel prices. Smart car owners are turning to water4gas technology because it affords them significant cost savings that will give them real benefits years into the future.

Water4gas technology has been around for over 90 years and it is now relevant due to astronomical fuel prices that consumers have to battle with on a daily basis. Economic Analysts are predicting that it can be expected that the price of fuel at the pump will reach an all time high if the current trend continues

On hearing that you can run your car on water, some people conclude that your fuel will be replaced 100% by water. Unfortunately,100% water powered cars do not presently exist on a commercial basis, but they can be expected in the foreseeable future.

The benefits that can be derived from this technology include:

Increased fuel economy
Less damage to your engine
No carbon build-up in engine
No harmful emission from car that cause global warming
Cost savings that can amount to $1000 per year per vehicle
The parts to run your car on water will cost in the range of $50- $200 and the installation will cost you around $100, if you let your mechanic do it for you. However if you are a hobbyist or a mechanic then you can do it yourself. In all stages of the assembly and installation safety precautions should exercised and you should adhere to the parts specifications outlined in the water4gas manual. Failure to follow safety procedures and material specifications may have a significant impact on this project

By a process called electrolysis whereby a direct current passes through a combination of water and baking soda (electrolyte) and splits the water into a gas called Browns gas or HHO (Hydrogen-Hydrogen-Oxygen), this gas is used to provide energy in your car engine.kanagawasuido

It has been proven that your car engine uses 20% of the energy from the fuel in your gas, while the other 80% is unburned gas and stays in your engine as carbon deposits, causes pollution and vibration

It should be emphasized, that if you are not mechanically inclined, you should leave this job for your mechanic to do for you. You should be glad to know that your car computer will not be damaged or affected in any way and the installation process is totally reversible.

The conversion to a water4gas hybrid really does work well and people from all over the world are swearing by it.


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