Tips for Boosting SEO on YouTube

It might come as a surprise to many people to realize that when it comes to search engines, YouTube is now the second largest in the world. YouTube is much closer to Google in terms of monthly usage. Where Google boasts of around 1.1 billion users month, YouTube has an impressive figure of 1 billion. What this means is that businesses now must find a way of boosting their SEO on YouTube.

As popular as YouTube is, few small businesses prefer using it for marketing. If a business shows lack of appreciation of the power that YouTube has, he could very well be saying that SEO is not that important. youtubeuser  The business owners have paid more attention to blogging, landing pages and social media profiles to drive more traffic to their homepages. SEO is changing and the owners can no longer ignore YouTube and hope to get away with it.

What should the business owner do to boost SEO on YouTube?

a) Building a Solid Presence

Building a solid presence is all about doing the basics, and getting them right. Building a solid presence involves creating the image of the business being an authority and enjoying relevancy on YouTube regarding specific issues. Building a presence requires creating a profile and giving other users an opportunity to subscribe to your channel. Ensure that users will not go through a torrid time trying to find your channel.

b) Understanding the Importance of Keywords

Video SEO still needs keywords just as the other types do. If you leverage the keyword planner tool from Google, finding the keywords that YouTube users love using would not be an impossible task. Do not be afraid to focus on the long-tail keywords, as they are becoming more popular by the day. Use keywords with the user in mind. Incorporate the keywords in such a way that users would not struggle finding the SEO videos you post on YouTube.

c) Appreciating the Role of Excellent Descriptions

The description is just as important. Video thumbnail will direct users/viewers to the video. On the other hand, the description will convince users to continue viewing the content that the video has. The description should have a clear and concise explanation regarding what the video is all about and ensure that it is not only creative, but also engages the user. Branding the description would also help you achieve the goals set for the search engine optimization through YouTube.

Boosting SEO on YouTube means that the business owner has appreciated the role that digital marketing can play in the success of his venture. One of the strategies you need to embrace and learn is on making the video posted on YouTube to go viral. The business owner can learn and apply several methods to ensure that the marketing video he puts up on the video-streaming platform goes viral. Some of the methods include:

– capitalizing on current trends
– choosing the right title for the video
– marketing the video
– syndicating the video
– focusing on quality videos

Therefore, follow this guideline today and boost your SEO on YouTube. The results might come after a few days. However, patience is necessary as the market might respond differently to the strategies you employ regarding YouTube SEO. What you can be sure of is that your efforts will produce the desired results.


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