Dog Shoes – Protection for Paws

Most of us love to have pets. Many families have a dog which is loved and treated like a member of the family. The dog lovers around the world therefore leave no stone unturned in providing the best for their dogs. Now there are shops which abound in apparel and accessories for dogs. These include coats, dresses and shoes. Dog shoes come with a lot of variety. Some of the dog shoes are designed based on the seasons and festivals. For instance now, shoes for Christmas are available for dogs. Besides, there are sandals and boots which are made exclusively for dogs.

These shoes are made from a variety of material. Some shoes are made of suede leather and have rubber soles. Why are dog shoes so important? The paw of a dog can get hurt very easily. The paws an get scraped or cut by sharp stones, broken glass and other sharp objects. Once the pet is hurt, there are chances that the wound will cripple the dog for the rest of its life. So it is very important to protect the paws of a dog. This is where the shoes acquire importance.

The primary function of these shoes is to prevent any possible damage or injury to the dog’s paw. In summers when the road gets hot in the sun, dog shoes will protect the paws from the heat. If you have bandaged you dog’s paws then shoes will help in keeping the bandages clean.

Some of the shoes are water proof and can protect the wound dressing effectively. These shoes also protect the paws from the effects of ice on the dog’s paw. Some boots help in providing the dog more stability on slippery surfaces like ice. They also help in preventing toxic chemicals from damaging the dog’s paw.

You do not have to worry when your dog is playing in the mud. The dog boots will protect the dog. The shoes are light weight as well. Another benefit of dog shoes is indogshoes that it will protect your precious floor from scratch marks and nail marks. The shoes are designed taking in to consideration the age of the pets. Some boots can be used for both active and old dogs. The shoes are designed in such a way that the paws of the dos remain cool.

Quick drying fabric is used in some of the boots. So there is no problem when the dog gets in to water. Different sizes are also available based on your dog’s paw size. There are also shoes that are specially designed for police dogs and pets involved in sporting activities. These boots are more rugged than the normal ones. These shoes are particularly made for injured dogs.

The shoes are built slightly bigger than the paw size so that even the bandage can fit inside the boot. Dog boots come in different features meant for dogs in different situations and conditions. You have see what is right for your pet and then choose.


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