Insights On App Store Optimization and Its Benefits

The rush to grab the topmost position in the app stores is growing swiftly and on the contrary, the way of approaching the position is narrowing day by day. It surely is a bottleneck situation for developers as well as users. Yes, we said users, because even for them it is as much difficult to pick one app out of many as it is for the developers to serve one. While the app stores are still working on producing better search algorithms that can jointly provide help at both the ends, the evolution of App Store Optimization seem to have embarked as a problem-solving tool in this ailing app market.

Let us go through some great insights on App Store Optimization that are worth knowing to get a better understanding of it and to access this app marketing tool even more proficiently.

2013 was the year that witnessed the maximum growth of the mobile as well as ASO in particular. Infect, it was the year in which developers and marketers realized that ASO has its doing and that too it does effectively.

According to a report published by Forrester, ‘General browsing in an app store’ with 63% on iOS and 58% on Android grabbed the first place amongst the new app discovery methods. This confirms that consumers are now largely dependent on Search.

It is even more fascinating to know that there are over 6,000,000 unique phrases searched in Google Play in a month; an engrossing data that was put across by Google last year usroid. An important revelation it makes on how curious people are to find out what the search results have to offer them.

There are impressive testimonials from large competitors as well as small developers claiming that App Store Optimization is the best tool for marketing the app with a low-cost budget and to acquire the front seat in the organic search results.

One important piece of advice that comes with this tool for app developers is that don’t expect your one time effort of optimizing the app features to reap success for your app. ASO demands monitoring of every optimized feature on constant basis and analyze them repeatedly if they demand any improvisations.

OK, so the good news is that even the app stores have shown concern towards it. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise because they were bound to make a move when the consumers have clearly signaled their expectations. Both the major app stores, Google play and App store have proceeded towards making necessary changes in their app store search algorithms and they are constantly working on improvising it. These changes have resulted in making their search results more relevant and at the same time have got the developers working on optimizing their crucial app features.
What are those features that can be optimized from the developers’ end in order to get a better ranking in the app store and how do these features serve the needful?

Optimization of App name or App title is extremely crucial as it allows the developers to include a keyword with the heaviest search traffic. Now, it is important to carry out a thorough research beforehand in order to pick the best keyword as changing the app title over and over would not do justice to the end results. By doing so, the app will start witnessing better ranking followed by positive reviews making a news in the market.

Keyword optimization is even more crucial than what you thought. It demands analyzing the competition, search volume and also the word phrases for major goal conversion. It is preferable to analyze the categories of apps that will give you a specific keyword and then decide upon choosing the set of keywords for your app. This process will create an effective metadata of your app that will increase the search visibility in the app store.

An app description is the very first communication in words from the developers end. The potential users are sure to count on it before deciding whether to download the app or not. Hence, it has to be extremely convincing, catch and intriguing. An excellent description which is also keyword heavy will not only fetch good visibility but at the same time it will become a string to witness more downloads.

Screenshots are another tool that has a major role to play in communicating to the users through visuals. Showing off your excellent graphics to the potential users is the prime goal and the screenshots should do the justice. Just after going through the app description, it is screenshots that they hover over to find out whether the app is worth installing or not. Hence, screenshots make an effective platform to evoke interest by putting in one liners whose sole aim is to let people know what the app is capable of offering and you never know the user might be looking for the same thing.

The app icon should also be counted as an important factor as it directly affects your app download stats. It certainly is as much important as your brand logo is because it will be representing your identity when the app goes viral. It has to be unique so that people can recognize the app with its icon itself. An attractive icon is sure to grab attention followed by downloads.
These tools are the ones that can be actually manhandled in order to increase the visibility of the app in the app store search. When the above mentioned features are thoroughly integrated in the app, it is bound to encounter reasonable amount of downloads. The fun begins when the app starts receiving a valuable list of some ‘good reviews’ and ‘good rating’ as they will fetch even better app discover ability.


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