Branded Online Backups – Managed Services Creating a New Reseller Channel

Online backup is the sleeping giant just now awaking in the technology field. For years it has existed on the periphery, hampered by misconceptions and limited by bandwidth restrictions. Consulting firms, large and small are waking up to the potential of this growing channel. Some are driving their customers to major backup providers, reaping fast affiliate commissions. Those firms are missing the opportunity to start or extend their managed services capabilities.

Rather than reaping a one-time reward for referring a customer to another business, consultants need to look at the bigger picture. Online backup is a solid source of recurring revenue and a great addition to a firm’s managed services. Jumping into this field as a managed service is also much easier than ever before.

Branded Online Backups

Providing customers with these services does not require extensive setup, hardware investment, or hours of  Cyber Security Cloud configuration. A quick email to a company that provides reseller accounts will add this valuable service to a business lineup with very little hassle.

Consultants are finding that these online backup providers are willing to offer fully-branded packages to their resellers. In a short period of time, the reseller will provide client software and documentation fully customized with the reseller’s graphics and business name. Not only is the consultant now a player in the online backup field, they can start selling their customers their own solution.

Businesses offering reseller accounts provide a varying menu of services.

Fully Branded Client Software

All graphics, software titles and documentation are customized for the reseller. To the end-user of the online backup software, everything looks proprietary to their consultant. This is key as one of the most important factors in this field is trust. If the client is already trusting their support to a company, they are more likely to extend that trust to other services.


The reseller generally receives support from the online backup provider. The end-user receives support from the consulting firm, adding to the air of ‘ownership’ in the product. This allows the consultant to fully manage the service, whether that includes support as an additional paid service or support as a value-add to the backup.

Flexible Pricing

The online backup service provides flat-rate pricing to the reseller and usually places no restriction on the price the reseller can charge for the same services. This allows the reseller to provide a value-add to the services, such as on site support or remote installation. Consultants can feel free to charge whatever rates their market will support.


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