Clever Ideas With Drink Coasters

One of the smallest items in your home, the drink coaster is often over looked. However if you have a creative mind, there are actually a number of clever and useful ways that you can use these accessories to improve the nature of your environments.

One of the simplest ways to employ coasters is to create a theme using them. Even though these pieces are small, they can also be numerous, spreading throughout a space and casting a net of color and pattern over it. If you use coasters styled to a particular theme, these pieces can either be left out, to create a permanent statement in the environment, or left sequestered in a holder, waiting until they are ready to be handed out during a party. In this way you actually have access to variable home décor, depending on how the coasters are placed at any given time.

Another fun thing to do is to make  Clever your own coasters. Crafting projects such as these are relatively simple, and coasters can be crafted from a wide variety of ordinary household materials, from cd’s to old magazines. All you have to do is water proof the material, and make sure it has some sort of soft backing, so it doesn’t scratch furniture.

Coasters are also a way to get conversations going. These tiny pieces are like portraits that can bear images of art and beauty, or words of inspiration. There are also novelty coasters with jokes, riddles, and trivia on them to facilitate talking.

Coasters may be tiny but they can be used in a variety of clever ways to have an impact on your home. You just have to open your eyes to the possibilities.


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