Bally developed the primary totally electromechanical  betting

In 1963, Bally developed the primary totally electromechanical  betting machine called Money Honey (yet earlier machines, for  สล็อตxo  instance, Bally’s High Hand draw-poker machine had shown the stray pieces of electromechanical improvement as early as 1940). Its electromechanical exercises got Money Honey the fundamental gaming machine with a limitless compartment and customized payout of up to 500 coins without the help of an attendant.[15] The predominance of this machine incited the extending greatness of electronic games, with the side switch after a short time getting insignificant.

The chief video betting machine was made in 1976 in Kearny Mesa, California by the Las Vegas–based Fortune Coin Co. This machine used a changed 19-inch (48 cm) Sony Trinitron concealing beneficiary for the introduction and reasoning sheets for all gaming machine limits. The model was mounted in a full-size, show-arranged gaming machine authority. The important creation units went being examined at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. After specific adjustments to squash cheating undertakings, the video gaming machine was supported by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and in the end found commonness on the Las Vegas Strip and in midtown club. Fortune Coin Co. moreover, its video betting machine development were purchased by IGT (International Gaming Technology) in 1978.[citation needed]

The essential American video betting machine to offer a “second screen” prize round was Reel Them In, made by WMS Industries in 1996.[16] This sort of machine had appeared in Australia from at any rate 1994 with the Three Bags Full game.[17] With such a machine, the introduction changes to give a substitute game in which an extra payout may be allowed.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Affiliate Program That Is Right for You

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Affiliate Program That Is Right for You
1. You have to identify a product or service for which there is a need. The product should be such that you would love and enjoy promoting it. You could start by searching for “Affiliate Programs” in the Search Engines.
2. The product or service should be relevant to your website.
3. It is always wise to join an affiliate program that is long standing, safe and secure and has a good reputation in the Internet world. This can be easily verified from the newswibe Better Business Bureau or other similar organizations. Visits to Forums and Discussion Groups will also provide you with a lot of useful information.
4. Most affiliate program providers provide a commission of 5% to 50%. The commission you earn for the sale of a product is your main income. So while choosing an affiliate program you should study the commission paid out and decide on a program that pays at least 35% for you to run your business successfully.
5. There should be a proper tracking system in place to record all the clicks and sales made through the text links and banners placed on your website, e-mails and other advertisements.
6. One important factor that is often overlooked is the “hits per sale ratio”. This indicates the number of hits that have to be made to a Text Link or Banner to generate a sale. This will give you an idea as to how much traffic is needed before a sale is made.
7. How often are commissions paid? This is another important matter that should be considered. Most reputed organizations pay their affiliates monthly or when they accumulate a minimum commission of $50 to $ 100 or as indicated by you. You should avoid any program that requires too many sales to reach the minimum amount.
8. Affiliate Programs are generally single tier or two tiers. A single tier program pays you for whatever business you have generated. On the other hand a two tier program pays you for the business you have generated and also a commission for the sales generated by a sub- affiliate, you have sponsored. A two tier program is always advantageous.
9. Long standing reputed organizations provide a whole range of tools and resources such as Banners, Text Links, Brochures, Websites and training for their affiliates. When choosing look out for such organizations because they certainly make life much easier and helps you grow your home based business.
10. Finally, you must read and understand the agreement before you join as an affiliate even if it happens to be the best organization in the world.

Understanding the Affiliate Agreement
The affiliate agreement created by the merchant and agreed by the affiliate, defines all aspects of the affiliate program and typically includes:
– Types of Web sites merchant will accept into the affiliate program
– Types of links allowed and guidelines regarding their use.
– Schedule and payments terms of fees and commissions
– Terms of usage of merchant logo, name and web content
– Technical specification that your web site must meet, if any
– Restrictions on types of content that may appear on affiliate sites
– Requirements for compliance with all government laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations.

Affiliate Tracking Systems
– Allow merchant to control how it credits click-throughs
– Monitor window of time in which affiliate can get credit for a click-through
– Record and store affiliate information
– Provide commission/fee reports

Affiliate management networks
An affiliate management network is a third-party entity that recruits affiliates, manages the registration process, tracks and properly credits all of the fee and commissions and arranges for payment. In return for these services, the affiliate management network collects from the merchant a percentage of each referral transaction’s fee or commission-perhaps as much 30 percent.

Well-established affiliate management networks: Example: Commission Junction, LinkShare [2]

Affiliate tracking technologies
To achieve this we develop a strategic online relationship with advertisers to improve the creation, management, and analysis of online marketing and sales activities. These activities are supported by a scalable and reliable tracking technology. Keeping track of the click-throughs and properly crediting the affiliates is a complex programming task. Companies such as BeFree and ClickTrade sell software that automatically monitors and credits all followed links resulting in a sale. Note that ClickTrade was acquired by Microsoft and is now co-branded as part of Microsoft bCentral.

Some tracking technologies are following:
– Custom links containing affiliate information or affiliate and merchant information
– Tracking cookies
– Third-party tracking software
– Application service provider tracking service
– Sub Domain tracking
– Database record matching.

Affiliate Marketing Risks and Challenges
Affiliate marketing is not without certain risks and challenges primarily form unethical affiliates and the negative perceptions online consumers have about tracking technologies.

Unethical Affiliates
– Cookie stuffing – Multiple cookies placed on visitor’s hard drive during a single visitor affiliate site.
– Spyware – General term used to describe software that has been installed on a personal computer without the owner’s permission, its unknowingly download and install spyware when you download games, screensavers, freeware utilities and so forth.
– Parasiteware – Redirects affiliate links and Replaces content of existing tracking cookies
– Spammers – Merchant is responsible if affiliates use spam to promote sites
– Negative perception of tracking cookies – Many consumers install and use blocking software which includes Block tracking cookies and Delete tracking cookies.


What is Internet Marketing? Define Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing? In broad terms Internet Marketing refers to promotion of commerce or business through the Internet medium. It is the way in which products or services are promoted and sold over the Internet. Internet marketing, also called web marketing, online-marketing and even “i” or “e” -Marketing uses the Internet to deliver all types of media to a global and even local market. globenews9 The relatively low cost to disseminate information to a global audience makes it very unique compared to marketing of the past.

The interactive nature of the Internet has forced the evolution of its marketing strategies to include specialist skills to deal with the instant response and eliciting responses now present with this unique medium. A device must be included in your Internet marketing system to accommodate this instant response.

The term is also inclusive of the post-sale relationship between a business and its customers because it encompasses digital customer data management and electronic customer relations. It is widely used in the business world today and referred to as ECRM – Electronic Customer Relationship Management. This makes the scope larger as it refers to the on-going relationship supported by the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media.

Internet marketing ties together the technical and creative aspects of the Internet including design, branding, promotion and advertising, as well as sales. Here are three main objectives to help define Internet Marketing:

(1) Deliver a company’s message or presence in a marketplace. Branding its culture, mission and value as well as educating or detailing its products or service via the computer screen.

(2) Collect data research not limited by demographics, individual preferences or past requirements of both existing customers and (different groups, classes, stereotypes, etc.) as potential new customers.

(3) The actual selling, collection of fees, tracking of distribution and follow up of goods, services, or advertising space over the Internet.

The way in which one reaches out via the Internet to its prospective client is through different strategies. The more popular Marketing Strategies utilized by Internet Marketers are Social, Content and Paid marketing approaches. Each has their own attributes as well as limitations or short-comings.

There are several Business Model terms associated with Internet Marketing.

E-COMMERCE (electronic-commerce) refers to business over the Internet. Web sites such as and eBay are all e-commerce sites. The two major forms of e-commerce are Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B). So, while the neighborhood baker doesn’t sell his cupcakes on the Internet, he utilizes the benefits of the Internet to search and find the supplier with the best price for flour.

LEAD-BASED WEBSITES are organizations or groups of websites that create value by capturing prospective clients or sales leads from the Internet to be utilized by or sold to a third party.

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a process in which a product or service is promoted by many people or entities that receive a percentage of the profits when the product is purchased. The Affiliate did not develop or produce it themselves. The owner or producer of the product has authority over whom and how their product is sold and customarily provides the “affiliate” with marketing materials; i.e. Website links, capture pages, and banner ads that have encoded tracking – the device used to ensure the affiliate gets credit for the sale.

LOCAL INTERNET MARKETING is the process used by a company with a “local customer base” that traditionally sells by warm market referrals, signage, location visibility, and utilizing the Internet to find and cultivate relationships with potential customers to later interact with offline.

BLACK HAT MARKETING is a form of Internet marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) commonly referring to the practice of using unethical techniques or employing deceptive, abusive, or less than truthful methods to make your search rankings go up to drive more traffic to your website.

The birth and growth of Internet marketing has also made a mark on the “personal worlds” of many individuals. With Internet Marketing offering individuals infinite ways to promote and market themselves, products, services and opportunities, the world of home-based-business has exploded.

Initially for the person that desires to capitalize on this medium for their own person commerce, Internet Marketing can be confusing or even overwhelming for most. Each method seems to have its own language to decipher and obstacle to overcome. A system or platform to manage all of these strategies can be very useful if it includes support training. It’s best to only choose 1 or 2 initial strategies to focus on at one time. The best strategy for one person may not be the best strategy for you. Most important is that you discover the strategy that you like most and are comfortable performing. If you enjoy the process you will be certain to be better at it. And the better you are at it, the more likely you’ll become consistent with its implementation. You will find that the strategy you choose is much less important than your ability to do it consistently in order to achieve results.

I agree it can seem overwhelming at times, but actually the process can be quite simple if you focus on just one strategy at a time. There are unlimited training courses, Internet tools, websites and programs to help you be more effective and efficient in each category or strategy you choose. Having someone to help guide you through the process, pointing out which tools and programs offer the most help, not only will save your sanity, but also can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the process.

House Window Spring Repair

It is that season again for a house window spring fix. Winter is practically finished and I am amped up for the possibilities of summer. Following quite a while of cold hard climate and the season has negatively affected the house you do have to require a couple of days to fix and fix.

Well today I need to share somewhere in the range of not many tips on fixing your home windows on schedule for the mid year.

First you need to ensure that you have the correct instruments for the house window project. I generally advise my perusers never to begin some work without every one of the essential instruments set up. So you need to ensure that coming up next is accessible:

Glass of Proper Size that you will use to supplant the former one with, a glass shaper for estimating the windows, clay blade or then again you can utilize a glazer or scrubber, paint, forceps, paintbrush, etch, razorblade scrubber, linseed oil, heat weapon or make that a patching instrument, window scrubber, glazier’s focuses and a hand more clean. You likewise need to put together some work glover to shield your hands from the messed up glass and all the trash.

window replacement florida

When you have all these then you are prepared for your home window spring fix. Presently let me give some critical tips about the genuine fix measure;

o You may need to eliminate the windows and supplant screens on clean windows in the event that you are managing inside storm windows.

o You should ensure that climate stripping gives a decent seal. Analyze that caulk lines cautiously around the outside windows before you start.

o You can utilize a screw driver to test the trim that is made of wood. This is found around the windows.

Holism, Health and Cannabis

Comprehensive quality is about the 10,000 foot view; it identifies with the hypothesis that nothing occurs in a vacuum. When looking for answers to an issue, comprehensive quality puts the accentuation ‘in general’ as opposed to the parts.

The English Oxford Dictionaries characterize comprehensive quality:

The hypothesis that pieces of an entire are in cozy interconnection, to such an extent that they can’t exist freely of the entire, or can’t be perceived without reference to the entire, which is accordingly viewed as more prominent than the amount of its parts.

What’s more, when comprehensive quality is about wellbeing:

The treating of the entire individual, considering mental and social components, instead of simply the side effects of an infection.

Another approach to consider comprehensive quality is by utilizing the similarity of frameworks both regular and synthetic (for example an environment a wellbeing framework, a family framework, a nearby planetary group, and so on)

A framework is a mind boggling ‘entire’ with a reasonable limit; there is an outside and an inside. The substance inside a framework (for instance: climate, creatures, and plants) is comprised of interrelated, associated parts that straightforwardly mirror the general setting, inside which they exist, (for instance: a biological system).

At whatever point the entire of anything produces a result more noteworthy than any of its parts could achieve, exclusively, we call that cooperative energy, (for instance: a tempest, the music of an ensemble).


The inverse to comprehensive quality, reductionism, rather breaks down something by its segment parts.

All encompassing Health: Treating the Whole Person

The conventional methodology of the clinical framework has instructed us to perceive wellbeing from a reductionist viewpoint. We go to the specialist to sort some particular piece of our body out in light of the fact that it has quit working admirably and might be causing us torment.

A great many individuals get positive outcomes utilizing the clinical model. The lone issue is that this model considers, only, simply the soundness of the body. What’s more, with regards to psychological wellness, the regular arrangement is to recommend upper medication.

Why would that be an issue? We people are unpredictable creatures. We have psyches, feelings and a spirit, the individual, immaterial relationship to a large scale reality past ourselves. Additionally, what our identity is, is continually impacted inside the settings of family, local area, country and world.

An all encompassing way to deal with wellbeing and health tends to the truth of these numerous interrelated and reliant parts that make us what our identity is. The disquietude of any of them can straightforwardly (and adversely), influence the soundness of different pieces of our life.

Consequently alone, the primary focal point of all encompassing consideration is on the individual and not the issue or infection. Stress, uneasiness, and wretchedness, for instance, regularly wind up meaning an actual side effect. It’s totally associated.

As indicated by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) public overview, in September, 2017, The American Psychiatric Association announced that stimulant utilize had gone from 1 out of 50 individuals 30 years prior to 1 of 9 between the years 2011 and 2014, and now in 2018.

This is obvious proof of the ascent in mind-set issues for Americans.

Why the expanded use? As referenced, nothing occurs in a vacuum thus evaluating one’s way of life in regards to home, connections, accounts, work, and so on turns into a basic assignment to decide their effect. The primary concern is to discover the underlying driver (s) and set up a remedial arrangement.

Cannabis and Holistic Health

The restorative utilization of cannabis is a completely different from its sporting use. As a rule, the lower the measure of THC utilized in any restorative detailing, the more noteworthy the ideal impact. The idiom is: Start low; go sluggish. Treatment is never one-size-fits-all on the grounds that the current exchange of somebody’s body, psyche and soul are of essential thought.

Truly, the entire of the old cannabis plant was utilized for a useful effect on an individual’s by and large, general condition, a long ways past simple manifestation control. This makes it an ideal match to the comprehensive way to deal with wellbeing.

Much the same as the intricacy of the individual in setting of our different ways of life, cannabis a perplexing plant of the plant realm. It’s viability as a general tonic has to do with the reality of cannabis containing roughly 100 sub-atomic mixtures, with THC and CBD most investigated and comprehended.

At the point when the entire of the cannabis plant is utilized as medication it offers a synergistic or ‘company’ impact which represents why the restorative utilization of cannabis gives alleviation to a wide assortment of conditions.

In this manner helpful cannabis use remains as an unmistakable difference to customary medication that normally secludes plant mixtures and makes them in drugs to target one indication or substantial framework.

I accept that an ever increasing number of individuals are knowing the distinction between the clinical and all encompassing models of wellbeing. Each has its time and spot. While finding the numerous advantages of restorative cannabis, our general health, way of life and more extensive culture can change to improve things.

How to Benefit From Mobile Apps for Small Business

Versatile Smart Phones have become a fundamental piece of everybody’s life. It is something that individuals can’t give up any place they are, and any place they go. Heading off to some place without bringing a cell phone feels like you have given up portion of your life. Applications that highlight in the cell phone powers up how one could manage the PDA gadget.

On the off chance that you are dealing with a private company, the time has come to investigate the diverse portable applications that you can use for publicizing or advertising. Additionally find the different ways by which you can exploit versatile applications for independent venture.

Think about the accompanying:

– You can compensate clients who are returning by setting up a dedication program with your application. This will improve client steadfastness. There is no compelling reason to pay for punch cards any longer. Clients will presently don’t feel the problem of keeping punch cards. They don’t need to stress any longer over losing them.

– With the assistance of an application, you can make your private venture stick out. Increasing the value of your independent venture through applications will acquire you more acknowledgment on the lookout. More people will like be keen on utilizing your application and finding your business.

– Notify your clients with your most recent occasions and special proposals through applications. Be that as it may, don’t flood their gadgets with every one of your notices all at once. Send them news each in turn so they don’t get irritated at all your notices.

– Make it simpler for individuals to go to your site. Through your application, they don’t need to type in a watchword in the pursuit box and peruse list items. Your application will straightforwardly take them to your site or lead them to the area of your business.

mobile app development florida

Defeat the opposition by making your application mainstream to clients. Since the portable business is developing at a quick rate, accept the open door to advertise your versatile applications for independent venture. Urge clients to download your application all together for your business to get seen and known. The utilization of portable applications is really probably the best methodology to beat the opposition.

Utilizing applications doesn’t cost as much as utilizing different devices to advance your independent venture. Independent companies can begin assembling their clients and start constructing the truly necessary rundown. Given the little expense associated with the utilization of an amazing versatile applications stage, there is no compelling reason to stress any longer over spending much on creating and showcasing your applications. Recall there are billions of versatile clients. With a portable application, you can interface with as much individuals as you need and as numerous as you might suspect would want your administration in the territory you serve.

Numerous portable clients are getting dependent at downloading applications and utilizing them. They love the innovation behind applications as it is really engaging and advantageous to work. At the point when you create portable applications for private company, think about their motivation. In that manner, you can positively catch individuals’ advantage.

How Digital Marketing Companies in India Are Helping Businesses Stay Relevant Online

The advent of the internet has opened up novel vistas for doing business. As per a survey, joseone India will have around 500 million internet users by 2017. This creates a fascinating opportunity for businesses to sell their services and products to a growing population of internet users.

The internet has brought along with it newer ways of marketing. Obviously, traditional marketing or outbound marketing methodologies that use TV and radio ads, banners, hoardings and print ads in newspapers, magazines, brochures and other marketing collateral, do not work on the internet.

Inbound or online marketing, is marketing on the internet or in the digital sphere. It takes into consideration things like page rankings in search engine searches, advertising on search engines, banner ads on other websites, marketing on social media, etc. These marketing campaigns are highly focused and target exactly the audience that a particular business wants to serve ads to.

The need to market products and services on the internet has given rise to a new industry – the internet marketing industry. Digital marketing companies in India provide comprehensive digital marketing services for businesses. They usually employ a specialist team of domain experts in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO).

A recent survey noted that 34% of the companies surveyed had an integrated digital marketing strategy and 16% companies said that they use internet marketing on and off. A staggering 50% of the respondents said that they do not have a defined strategy for internet marketing. These numbers suggest that there are still businesses that have not been exposed to the awesome capabilities and powers of internet-based marketing.

It is imperative for Indian businesses, in particular, in this age to realize the importance of having an integrated internet marketing strategy if they wish to survive in a highly frenzied and competitive market. Without the help of Digital Marketing Services, they fall short of creating a strategy and face the dangers of seeing themselves become directionless. They will never know their online market share, their current market share will be gained by existing and start-up competitors and they will never have a powerful online proposition.

A Digital Marketing Company in India can help businesses harness the power of a robust web-based marketing strategy. The use of novel platforms like the social media can be a game changer as more and more people are using them to engage with brands. It is an excellent place to gain followers, engage with them and serve them relevant and helpful content. Once they become loyal brand followers, targeted ads are served to them to convert them into customers.

Online marketing is the present and the future. Businesses staying away do so at their own risk. It’s worthwhile to climb on to the digital bandwagon while the time is right.

This article intends to bring the readers up to date with the need to turn to a Digital Marketing Company in India to gain a novel stature on the digital landscape.

How Your Business Gets A Paradigm Shift With Digital Marketing – Tips By SEO Analyst

If we retrospect the last decade or more, one trend emerges clearly. The consumer behaviour has switched from analogue to digital. People today consumer information and data through online modes and to keep up businesses need to target the niche. It is what gave birth to digital marketing. It is the sole valid way of reaching the target audience.

This posits the questions why and how online reputation management services, SEO, SEM, etc. momentumfitnesstally are becoming fundamental. As stated by an analyst, there six insights that define the value of digital policies.

Economically Effective
When compared to traditional promotional practices, digital ones leave the pockets unscathed. While this benefit may not weigh heavy on conglomerates, for small businesses, it is saviour sent from heaven. For start-ups and local entrepreneurs moving to the green zone is a pipe dream and their resources are limited.
In such instances, using the internet to reach out to a massive potential customer base is can prove to be life-saving. The icing on the cake is that this increase in awareness doesn’t require a big budget. Furthermore, the digital marketing plan can be customised to employ only those paths that are firmly within the financial limit.

Greater Conversion
By the end of the article, it will be apparent that digital strategies have a cumulative effect because the company is not just saving money but also making it through other avenues. Case in point – digital media marketing has proven to have higher conversion rates.
When a firm utilises email marketing, SEO and other aspects of digital strategies, they communicate better with the customer and at a faster pace. Additionally, through digital paths, one can reach out, individually, to those patrons that need your service or product. All these factors result in a more significant conversion.

Business Growth
There was a time when small businesses had to pay through their teeth to reach out to the broader audience. As explained above, the era has now changed. SEM and SEO are cost-effective ways of targeting potentials. While this may save a small business precious financial resources, it also opens up a lot of opportunities. It gives the pathways of growth at a lesser expense.
A firm can even enter an already established sector through social media marketing and create brand awareness. It might not turn them into market leaders, but it will unmistakably reach an adequate base pool.

Better Support
An impeccable reputation management services is the golden rule of thumb if companies want to survive in the cut-throat competition of today’s industry. How does a firm work on establishing a spotless person? By making customer support a priority. Social media and websites are excellent techniques for generating personal rapport with patrons and offering better support. Through emails, social media platforms and even instant messaging apps, a company that resolves consumer grievances and queries is on the way to succeeding.
The support is not just one-sided, where the business solves problems faced by the customer. It can be vice versa too. Through live chats, the firm can ask the patron for suggestions and improvements on products which can lead to positive associations.

Building Confidence
When a customer can contact a business through a social media page and receive an answer almost instantly, it creates trust. The image that is built in the mind of the consumer is of confidence and reliability. Any potential patron who reads or views the exchange is more likely to convert.
Another method through which digital marketing builds assurance is customer reviews. Buyers can rate a service or product on numerous online platforms which can be read by others. This increases the presence of a brand and offers potentials the information they need to convert.

Mobile Connectivity
A rarely recognised advantage of digital policies is access to consumers that are on Smartphones. A study shows that websites that are mobile-friendly see an increase in customers because the patron of today wants to view products on their phone. Any business who fails to make a mobile-friendly application or site loses on a large pool of audience.
Humongous Rate Of Return On Investment

Small investment. Increased customer base. Extraordinary conversions. These are the three pillars that drive to a massive rate of return when it comes to digital marketing. Simple web analytics can prove to any entrepreneur that an optimised website is offering increased ROI. The result may not be directly through the website but via more email lead generation and sales calls.

A survey done in harmony with Google proves that digital marketing creates a revenue stream which almost three times more than conventional methods. Coupling all the factors verifies that entering the digital fray is equivalent to minting money from the very first step.

A renowned firm for digital marketing Chennai, Digital SEO, attests that digital media marketing works in favour of the consumer and marketers. We are the one sem company that can demonstrate that SMO strategies do work from day 1. From creating websites that are easily viewable on mobile to building apps that are responsive, our repertoire covers it all.

We formulate policies keeping your budget in mind while accelerating your growth path. Our experts invent and implement a marketing approach which reveals your distinctiveness and provides your patron the reason to choose you. Wish to know how we help you fatten the bottom line? Swing by our website or give us a ring and we’d be happy to provide a consultation.

A Very Lucrative Alternative To Getting A Social Media Marketing Job That Most Don’t Know About

If you are researching about social media marketing jobs then I have something that may be of financial interest to you.

Everybody knows that social media is the hot thing right now.

Companies of all types are hiring for these positions because they know if they have a social media following ucpem that is responsive then they are going to be around for years to come.

Yesterday I heard that a well known company that may be a Fortune 500 is hiring for a social media marketing job position and they are paying around $140,000 a year.

My mouth almost dropped to the floor.

I remember back in 2010 when I was helping local businesses market online, basically the same thing that social media marketers do now at these corporations, the going rate was around $60k – $80k per year.

To hear about that big jump (and I know it all depends on the company) let me further know that I was on the right track. I’ll tell you about that in just a little bit.

One of the challenges that many will face when applying for a “social media marketing job” is that a lot of companies are looking for those that ALREADY have experience. And they are not just talking about you having 1,000 friends on Facebook.

They want people that know how to get videos ranked on the first page of YouTube for certain keywords. They want to see a ton of likes, comments, and shares on those videos as well.

They want people that know how to engage the audience on Facebook and Twitter and have them constantly sharing, commenting, and liking their tweets/status updates.

Because that’s the name of the game. What runs social media and makes you popular is obviously the amount of social engagement which is ONLY JUDGED by the amount of shares, likes, and comments.

That’s it.

So if you don’t have experience you are S.O.L.

Not only that but the competition is so stiff now a days that they are really looking for the creme of the crop if you do have experience because if a companies social media campaign is NOT ON POINT then its safe to say that they are only going to be around for so long.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective though.

Let’s say you do get the social media marketing job that you apply for. Let’s say that you do get the money that you want. Let’s say you even get to work from home.

Ask yourself this one question…

… Will your quality of life and freedom be worth the demand that the company is going to place on you?

Think about it.

You won’t be getting paid 6 figures just to sit around the house. You won’t be able to work from home just to do whatever the heck you want. If they are giving you that amount of freedom they expect results…


Let me share a true story with you.

I’ve been marketing online now since 2008.

When I decided in the summer of 2010 that I was going to help local businesses build a social media presence I met with a guy that owns a well known carpet cleaning company.

To make a long story short I was getting paid a great amount from him to market online with videos, Google Places, and other platforms. Although I had another business that I was working at the time at well, a lot of my time was taken up just marketing for this one client.

Then the results just weren’t coming in fast enough for him. Now being a professional I know that it takes about 6-9 months to start seeing a return. I thought I made that clear. Anyways we ended up parting ways and I chalk it up to miscommunication.

Even to this day the same videos that I put up 2 years ago are still getting views, comments, and generating leads for him. And I hadn’t done any work since November 2010.

Ever since then I’ve just been selling educational products that actually show people like yourself how to effectively market online.

The reason I told you that story is because most of the time pressure is put on you to perform FAST and sometimes with this social media and internet marketing there are things that are out of your control.

This whole thing is all about testing, tracking, and tweaking.

There are no guarantees in marketing.

So what if you don’t perform well enough fast enough? What will happen to you?

If you’ve read this far you are probably agreeing with me and know that I am making very valid points.

I’ll be frank with you. With all the knowledge that I know I can go and land a comfortable high paying social media marketing job with no problem. I firmly believe that.

But I choose not too.

I like my freedom instead.

I’d rather use the skills that I’ve developed as a social media/internet marketer to do my own thing and show others how as well.

5 Of The Best Email Marketing Tips

I know you will agree with me that the internet and email have been with us for quite some time. Most of the generations that existed before the birth of the internet are gradually passing away. classicmindset Hence, I can say that most of us were born in the “internet age” and as such are familiar with the usage of the internet and email. So I guess we have already moved past and are really in this “new age”.

As true as this conclusion is, the fact is that most individuals and companies are still naïve about the power and importance of email marketing, which has been adjudged as the best way of not only creating but also maintaining and sustaining the profitability of a business. And here’s why:

Why do people make purchases? In order to have and implement a successful email marketing campaign, you must understand why people make purchases. Basically, people buy a product or service to satisfy their “needs”, while others buy because of they just “want” it.

Although there are many factors affecting people’s decisions to buy, the most important reason why they bring out their money in exchange for that product or service is because they like it and have developed trust for the brand or person behind the product or service. This confirms the notion which states that “people buy people”, and this goes for any industry and the internet marketing industry is definitely not left out.

I am quite certain that you have come across different people on the internet who can be of help, the fact that you are reading this article clearly proves my point. So if you are a regular reader, am confident that you will find what I have to say useful and we would be able to relate in some way or the other.

For you to have a successful email marketing program, you must have a product or service which your target audience need or want. Email marketing is a great way for you to build relationship with people by enriching their lives by satisfying their needs with your product or service. Once you are able to do this, you do not only open the door for engagement and trust, you also have a list of people who will buy the product or service you are promoting if what you are offering solves their problems.

Another powerful saying I must also share with you is that, “there is money in the list”. This implies that as long as you have people who trust you on your email list, then you will always have a business and never run out of cash inflow. The biggest asset of any business is its email list and this is not just restricted to internet businesses. I am also talking about brick and mortar businesses and self-employed people.

An email list is so important that if you take away any number of buildings, vehicles and equipment, you can still make money if you have your email list. So you can only imagine how it is if it’s your business email list that is taken away. You have no potential customers to reach out to straight away. Email marketing is therefore the life-blood of any business and I want you to understand how important it is.

What I want to achieve with this article is simple. My goal is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to launch an awesome email marketing campaign. Without a shadow of a doubt, you will get results. No more beating around the bush. Let me show you tried and tested methods that you can apply to your business as soon as you finish reading this article.

1. Create Compelling Content

Subject Line

There are millions of contents on the internet begging to be opened. So if you ever want your contents to be opened, then you have to start with a “catching” subject line. This is the beginning of a step by step check list you have to use each and every time you send a message to your subscribers.

The subject line is what your prospective customers will see in their inbox. Now if they are anything like me, then their inbox with be full of tonnes of different messages from all sorts of businesses and other people like you. Your message must therefore rise above the rest and catch their eyes.

To achieve this, some good ideas that have been used successfully on a regular basis includes “funny” subject lines, single word lines, controversial subject’s lines and of course, you can keep it simple by saying exactly what you are writing about. This technique has been proven to be effective and it will help your message to stand out amongst the crowd and increase your open rates by great lengths.

One Central Idea

It is very important for you to have a central idea when you are crafting you messages. There is a high chance that you are going to lose focus and this will confuse your target audience as to what you are trying to pass across. Don’t expect your target audience to work out what you are trying to pass across because they do not have the time and patience to do so. It is your responsibility to clearly pass your message across by harmonizing it with the central idea.

A Clear Call to Action

You must write in a way that all your messages have a clear call to action regardless of what you want your subscribers to do. Do you want your target audience to buy your product or service? Or do you want them to simply check out a piece of content which you have created? Then write in a way that will nudge your audience into action. If you fail to include a call to action, people will not take action and your message would have been a waste of time.

Relevance to Audience

In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of crafting a great email. If your message is not relevant to your audience in any way, shape or form, why do you think they will open it, talk less of reading it in the first place? If your audience are interested in losing weight, then don’t bother them at all with dog grooming products. Believe me, they may become so annoyed and simply jump off your list. You might think this does not happen but believe me, I have seen similarly bad examples and I would hate to see you make this fatal mistake.